Fall 2017

Teaches As Scholars Teacher 4

The Lost Irelands
Professor Brian O’Conchubhair
September 6th and October 3rd

The Caribbean: From Conquest to Freedom
Professor Karen Richman
September 20th and September 27th

American Media and the ‘Problem’ of Race
Professor Jason Ruiz
October 26th and November 2nd

The Garden of Eden: Myth and Meaning in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Professor Michael “Tzvi” Novick
November 2nd and November 9th

2018 Seminars

Spring 2018

Structural Violence: Understanding Invisible Forms of Suffering
Professor Catherine Bolten
February 28th & March 28th

Robot Ethics
Professor Don Howard
February 1st & February 20th

Unequal Childhoods: The Experience of Gender, Class, and Race in the Lives of Young People
Professor Jessica Collette
February 7th & February 21st

The Politcal Psychology of Racial Prejudice
Professor Darren Davis
March 8th & March 29th

Computer Tas

Fall 2018

Cosmopoiesis: Literature and World-Making
Professor Sabrina Ferri

The Perilous Beauty of The Lord of the Rings
Professor David O'Connor

The Philosophy of Maria Montessori: Wisdom for the 21st Century
Professor Maria McKenna

Writers at Work (and Play)
Professor Kerry Temple