ND Alumni: Sculptors and Professors

Author: Jessica Brookshire

Snite Museum of Art

University of Notre Dame

On view now through November 30, 2014

Notre Dame, Indiana–University of Notre Dame art studio faculty members are often asked, “What do graduates of your program do for a living?” In response the South Bend Museum of Art; the Notre Dame Department of Art, Art History and Design; and the Snite Museum of Art have jointly organized the exhibition, ND Alumni: Sculptors and Professors. To view all ten of the art installations and forty individual works of art that comprise the exhibition one must visit both the South Bend Museum of Art before September 28 and the Snite Museum of Art before November 30.

Irina Koukhanova,
Iron Enclosure, 2012
mixed media installation

Each of the twenty-one Notre Dame alumni selected for this invitational exhibition has graduated since 1988, has held a position at an institution of higher education, and is a practicing artist. Their sculptural methods, materials and concepts very greatly, but this variety showcases contemporary sculptural practices and just some of the exciting strategies that sculptors are utilizing to address themes and issues through three-dimensional forms.

The guest curator of the exhibition is UND Professor of Art, the Rev. Austin I. Collins, C.S.C.
John Sherman designed the exhibition catalog and website, www3.nd.edu/~ndsculpt/

The exhibition, catalog and website are made possible by support provided by the Collins Family Excellence Fund for Public Art; Mr. Michael McLoughlin, K&M Machine Fabricating, Inc.; Ms. Ramona Payne and Mr. Anthony Fitts; the Walter R. Beardsley Endowment of the Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame; the South Bend Museum of Art; and Mr. William Greif.

The artists and their works on display at the South Bend Museum of Art through September 28, 2014 include:

Derek Chalfant: Altar, 2014; The Fallen, 2014; Flower, 2009; and Tree House-Conversation,2013

Jay Dougan: Exoskeleton, 2008

Isaac Duncan: Portal Hex-al, 2014

Benjamin Funke and Gabrielle Gopinath: Water 1-X, 2011

Steve Hansen: New Pink Body, 2012; Problem Girls,2012; and Saint Andy, 2012

Chad Hartwig: Inconsequentially SPECTACULAR, 2012

Irina Koukhanova: Panoptic Landscape, 2014

Lori Miles: An Invention that Bottles up Memory, 2012

Molly Morin: BMI,2014;  IQ,2014; and Marital Status, 2014

Tomas Rivas : Dos módulos chuecos con borde colgando (Two crooked modules with hanging edge), 2009;
   Palmette en fuga (Vanishing palmette), 2009;  Rosetón de corte clásico (Classic cut rosette), 2009; and

   Rosetón y su sombra (Rosette and its shadow), 2009

Nick Roudebush: Five Bushels, 2013

Katelyn Seprish: Ruptured Order, 2014

Phil Shore: Unfolding the Connections, 2010, and Upon Waking from a Daydream, 2012

The artists and their works on display at the Snite Museum of Art through November 30, 2014 include:

Leticia R. Bajuyo: Tesseracts 2, 2014

Neal Bociek: Time Machine, 2009

Derek Chalfant: Dress #2, 2013, and Parent’s Standing Pants,2013

Cam Choy: Left-Handed Hammer and Right-Handed Hammer; I’d Rather Have a Bottle In Front of Me;
   Selective Hearing; Torso Wrench I and Torso Wrench II (all created in 2012)

Isaac Duncan: Untitled I, 2014

Chad Hartwig: Mr. Hankey’s Organic Revenge, 2014; and Pat’s Apricot Killer, 2014

John Hooker: The Martyr, The Master and The Murder (all created in 2014)

Chido Johnson: HAHAHOHO, 2012

Brian Kakas: From his Architectonics Series: Wing Improv #2, and Hull Improv #3 and #5 (all created in 2014)

Irina Koukhanova: Iron Enclosure, 2012

Danielle Julian-Norton and Suzanne Silver: Shaggy Dog Story, 2013

Phillip Shore: Aldo’s Echo, Ancestral Connections and Ancestral Findings (all created in 2013)

Miklos Simon: Drone II (I SEE YOU, I KNOW YOU, AND I…), 2014

In conjunction with the exhibition ND Alumni: Sculptors and Professors there will be a symposium on contemporary sculpture. It will begin at the South Bend Museum of Art on Friday, September 19 with a reception from 5:00–7:00 p.m. and include gallery talks by the ND Alumni exhibition artists whose work is on view there.

The symposium continues at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 20 at the Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame, and will feature presentations by both the noted art historian and author, Judith Collins, as well as the acclaimed international sculptor Tony Cragg. The symposium concludes with a reception from 4:30–6:30 p.m. and gallery talks by the participating ND Alumni exhibition artists whose works are on view in the Snite Museum of Art galleries. The general public is invited to attend the symposium as well as the Friday and Saturday receptions.

The symposium is sponsored by the Snite Museum of Art, the Notre Dame Department of Art, Art History & Design, the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, and the South Bend Museum of Art.

More information is available at sniteartmuseum.nd.edu

If you would like high-resolution images or in-depth information please contact Gina Costa at gcosta@nd.edu.

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