Breakfast series at Notre Dame offered to help nonprofits raise funds

Author: Jessica Brookshire

As seen in the South Bend Tribune on January 11, 2015

By Gene Stowe

The University of Notre Dame will host a four-session Nonprofit Breakfast Series focused on fundraising for leaders and board members of nonprofits. Speakers will share their experiences and give advice on planning and tools for nonprofit fundraising. 

The series, with monthly meetings starting in January, is the third annual breakfast series for nonprofits at the Mendoza College of business. Topics were board governance in 2013 and communications and marketing in 2014.

“This one, is going to be a high turnout because it’s of interest to everybody,” says Marc Hardy, director of Nonprofit Executive Programs. “Everybody wants to know how to raise money. This is really a benefit to the community.” 

The seminars, 8-9:30 a.m. following a hot breakfast at 7 a.m., are on Jan. 27, Feb. 24, March 24, and April 28. Topics and speakers are:

  • “Top Fundraising Lessons Learned”

Lou Nanni, Vice President, University Relations at Notre Dame, will share his top lessons and tell stories about fundraising at the Center for the Homeless and the University of Notre Dame.

  • “Everyone’s Talking About It, And I Probably Can’t Afford It”

Mark Germano, President, Creating Solutions, will explain how to obtain free data and use the resources for more effective donor pipeline building in your community.

  • “The Donor Plan: What to do during the non-ask time”

John Pinter, Principal at John Pinter Consulting, will talk about donor engagement and developing a plan for a series of interactions with donors of all sizes incorporated into the organization’s natural cycle.  The time will allow for creation of a plan that taps electronic, written, and in-person “touches” to help donors and supporters become more closely engaged with the organization.

  • “How For-Profits Can Raise Funds for Non-Profits”

Thomas Harvey, the Director of Nonprofit Professional Development at the Mendoza College of Business, will chair a panel on innovative involvements of for-profit organizations in strengthening the financial base of nonprofits. The panel, with Gary Gigot, President of the Vennli Corporation, and Bill McDonough, Vice President of Accretive of Northern Indiana, will present illustrations of creative joint ventures that are more available to nonprofit leader

The series is sponsored by the University of Notre Dame - Office of Public Affairs and Mendoza College of Business - Nonprofit Executive Programs. Cost is $100 for the four sessions, including breakfast.

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