Police, community and students discuss safety

Author: Abi Hoverman

With the football season fast approaching, students and community members had the opportunity to ask a panel of police representatives questions concerning underage drinking, safety and off-campus parties at the annual Student Safety Summit Wednesday.

"We really do want students to know that we are really concerned for their safety, and police departments are concerned for your safety," Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) Sergeant Keri Kei Shibata said.

The Safety Summit, which featured the Saint Joseph County Sheriff and representatives from NDSP, the South Bend Police Department and the Indiana Excise Police, emphasized cooperation between the University and police enforcement.


"How the police treat you will be dictated by how you treat the police, " St. Joseph County Sheriff Mike Grzegorek said.

NDSP Assistant Director Dave Chapman said students play an important role in safety on campus.  

Take care of each other … If you see something out of the ordinary call us," he said. "We'd rather show up for 99 false alarms than miss one real one."

Chapman said students also can prevent most on-campus crime by locking their doors and not letting strangers into their dorms, as almost all thefts do not involve forced entry.

"Notre Dame students are the nicest around … [Burglars] just stand outside the door until a student comes up to swipe their card, they say their girlfriend lives inside," Chapman said. "Then they go in and try doors until they find one that's unlocked."

Chapman also said if someone needs medical attention or if a sexual assault has occurred, underage students should not hesitate to call NDSP.

"We don't care about your intoxication, we care about getting you help," Chapman said.  Read More