2017 Seminars

Spring 2017

Food, Water, Air, and Climate: Critical Topics in Sustainability
Professor Debra Javeline
January 31st  and February 7th

Violence and Peace in the Modern World
Professor Ernesto Verdeja
January 17th  and January 25th

Everyone Can Become a Design Thinker
Professors James Schmiedeler, Ann-Marie Conrado, and Wendy Angst
February 10th  and February 24th

US Inequality: The Basics and Not-So-Basic
Professor Abigail Wozniak
February 15th and February 22nd

Fall 2017

The Lost Irelands
Professor Brian O’Conchubhair
September 6th and October 3rd

The Caribbean: From Conquest to Freedom
Professor Karen Richman
September 20th and September 27th

American Media and the ‘Problem’ of Race
Professor Jason Ruiz
October 26th and November 2nd

The Garden of Eden: Myth and Meaning in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Professor Michael “Tzvi” Novick
November 2nd and November 9th