2022 Seminars

Spring 2022

Drunk on Film: The Psychology of Storytelling with Alcohol and its Effects on Alcohol Consumption
Ted Mandell & Anré Venter
February 1 & February 16

God and the Good Life: Exploring Philosophy as a Way of Life
Paul Blaschko
February 24 & March 10

Cancer Research and Treatment
Jenifer Prosperi & Thomas O'Sullivan
February 17 & February 22

Evidence-Based Instructional Practices to Support Elementary Students in Reading and Mathematics
Nicole McNeil
March 17 & March 31

Fall 2022

Robotics for Restoring and Augmenting Human Capabilities
Jim Schmiedeler & Patrick Wensing
October 4 & November 15

Medieval Lyric Poetry: Material Culture and Reading Practices
Sister Annie Killian
October 5 & October 19

What is inside? How do chemists know what they have?
Merlin Bruening
October 6 & October 27

Why does the book endure? The History of European Printed Books and their Contemporary Scholarship
Tracy Bergstrom
October 11 & October 25