2018 Seminars

Spring 2018

Structural Violence: Understanding Invisible Forms of Suffering
Professor Catherine Bolten
February 28th & March 28th

Robot Ethics
Professor Don Howard
February 1st & February 20th

Unequal Childhoods: The Experience of Gender, Class, and Race in the Lives of Young People
Professor Jessica Collette
February 21st & March 21st

The Politcal Psychology of Racial Prejudice
Professor Darren Davis
March 8th & March 29th


Fall 2018

Cosmopoiesis: Literature and World-Making
Professor Sabrina Ferri

The Perilous Beauty of The Lord of the Rings
Professor David O'Connor

The Philosophy of Maria Montessori: Wisdom for the 21st Century
Professor Maria McKenna

Writers at Work (and Play)
Professor Kerry Temple