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GE program aims to emphasize STEM

July 21, 2014 Categories: Our Stories

SOUTH BEND — Sarah Pavlovsky, 12, watched in awe on the University of Notre Dame campus as the small rocket she made at camp exploded into the air because of a simple chemical reaction using Alka-Seltzer tablets. She waited patiently as the judges determined which of her small group of participants’ rockets went the highest to the sky.

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From South America to South Bend: Art in the Community

July 14, 2014 Categories: Our Stories

The “Ecuador Unframed: the Art of Oswaldo Guayasamín” project will bring the five-panel centerpiece of the acclaimed artist’s masterwork to the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture (NDCAC) Aug. 18-Oct. 23, with a grand opening event on Sept. 3.


The mural, depicting hardship, poverty, violence, hunger, and social injustice, is the centerpiece of another 103 pieces that Guayasamín created depicting Ecuador’s landscapes and people. Read More

Holy Cross Hosts Local Camp to Combat 'Brain Drain'

June 23, 2014 Categories: Our Stories

This story appeared in the South Bend Tribune on Sunday, June 22.

Holy Cross College is hosting the Innovative Thinkers camp until Friday. This day camp nurtures the economic pipeline by equipping middle school youth with the tools necessary to consider a STEM education Read More


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