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Roaring Twenties Exuberance and Depression Era Extravagance

August 21, 2014 Categories: Our Stories

University of Notre Dame



Roaring Twenties Exuberance

and Depression Era Extravagance

Selections from the Jack B. Smith Jr. Automobile Collection

Four Classic Automobiles: August 17 to November 30, 2014


Experience the exuberance of the Roaring Twenties as well as Depression era extravagance by viewing four classic automobiles on view throughout the 2014 Notre Dame football season.  Manufactured within the American heartland—Detroit, South Bend, and Auburn, Indiana––these classic automobiles epitomize American car design as well as technological prowess of the era. Read More

10 Best College Towns 2014

August 19, 2014 Categories: Our Stories

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The University of Notre Dame is located on a 1,250-acre campus in South Bend, Ind

Quick Facts AboutSouth Bend

Med. Age:33
Med. Household Income:$35,267
Med. Home Price:$74,277
Average Work Commute:
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Summer Scholar's Program Allows Students to Experience College and Our Community

August 18, 2014 Categories: Our Stories

The University of Notre Dame's Office of Pre-College Programs provides a real taste of campus life - from competitive admissions to college-credit courses to community service - for hundreds of high school students from around the world. Many return as undergraduates.

The Summer Scholars Program, started in 1999, brings 270 students from Singapore to Switzerland and across the United States for two weeks of intensive study in one of 18 classes, including American politics, archaeology, entrepreneurship, film production, global health, voice performance, and theology. Read More


Sun Nov 16, 2014

Snite Museum of Art Presents Masters of Nineteenth-Century Lithography

All Day

Snite Museum

Rock-Paper . . . Lithographs from the Permanent Collection, Part I

On view through November 16, 2014

NOTRE DAME, IN—The Snite Museum of Art continues its celebration of printmaking with a focus exhibition of ten lithographs, many of them new acquisitions or never before displayed, with the presentation ofRock-Paper . . . . Lithographs from the Permanent Collection

Open to the Public

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